Smart Phone Systems

We offer both Digital PABX and Hosted PABX systems (delivered through our business partners Avaya, Alcatel and Ericsson.

As more and more businesses move to the cloud to securely manage and protect their data, hosted Cloud PBX technology, is a cost-effective digital solution for small to medium sized businesses. This secure environment connects your customers, staff and suppliers across multi-sites seamlessly.

This fully featured alterative to on-site PABX systems offers the functionality of a traditional phone system without the capital set up costs. The bundled package offers users fully bundled voice services, handset capabilities, PABX to reduce ongoing maintenance costs and protect your technology assets.

Key functionalities include Voice Recording, e-Call (Outlook Integration), Auto Attendant, Conferencing, Ring Groups and Chats.

Data Solutions

We offer Business Grade Internet, ISBN, Broadband ADSL and IPVPN/IPMPLS services.

Your business and customers may benefit from the high speed connectivity of ADSL2+, delivered through a carrier grade Tier 1 IP network provider.

Business Broadband provides high-quality, dedicated ADSL2+ Internet connectivity to customers. It offers various access options via ONNET Tails (, and OFFNET Tails and NBN for non portable IP Addresses.

A monthly pricing data structure applies. Monitor services are available to track usage and avoid excess data charges.

If your business is looking to effectively share applications and communicate with other sites over a virtual private network, IP VPN is an efficient method of increasing business productivity.

Offering 24/7 proactive monitoring and carrier grade SLA’s, this robust technology allows data, applications and voice to be instantly shared by anyone on the network.  Flexible access to Wireless 3G, Ethernet, SDH and DSL is delivered securely over a Tier 1 IP Network via a network cloud. Six classes of QoS options are available dependant on your internet, voice and application needs.

Dedicated Ethernet First Mile & SHDSL Internet connectivity is delivered to our clients through high-quality TSHDSL/EFM. SHDSL internet offerings include 1 Wire, 2 Wire, 4 Wire and 8 Wire Services.

Choose from flat rate unlimited data or tailored packages.

 Voice Communications

Fixed Line Services and available via the Telstra Network Optus Direct Line (formerly VoDSL) Optus Multiline and AAPT ISDN.

This includes the resale of Telstra’s suite of residential and business voice products, such as ISDN, ISDN Indial, ISDN 10/20/30 and PSTN.

The Telstra ISDN service provides integrated digital access to data and voice networks (via the digital transmission circuit between the NT1 at your  premises and the local Telstra exchange. Business benefits include better call quality and faster call dialling (compared to PSTN) and a range of configuration options such as including GDN Line Hunt Group, Direct Dial and Standard.

Telstra PSTN offers 97% coverage of all Australian businesses and homes and a range of traditional easy to implement features such as Caller if Display, Call Forwarding and Messagebank.

This digital voice product has a large footprint and offers advanced business telephone services via the Optus Network (fibre or XYZed) and Telstra Last mile (Megalink leased lines). This solution is ideal for small to medium businesses who are looking for advanced functionality and multiline lines call diversion and redirection., caller id display and flexible provisioning.

Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) uses a single IP connection to connect key systems and PBX to the public telephone network. Supporting voice, data and video simultaneously, an Ethernet cable provides the connection from your IP PBX to the network.


Because this solution simplifies your network, it can not only reduce your infrastructure costs and provide your business with the flexibility to rationalise your voice network with unified communications implemented across various sites.

This solution ensures that your telephony system is working to its full potential; enabling your business to utilise an array of flexible ISDN features.

Benefits include its flexibility with a choice of 10, 20 and 30 channels and accessibililty through multiple lines; competitive call rates and cost effective-pricing plans plus the portability to migrate your existing numbers to your new AAPT setup.

Call Handling Services

Freecall 1800, International Freecall 0800 and Inbound 1300 or 13 numbers can be implemented to help you better manage your business calls and boost your company’s profile in the market.

If you are looking to increase call volumes, gain a competitive edge, deliver superior customer service and drive sales demand 1800 (free call) or 0800 (international free call) numbers are good choices.

Inbound 1300 and 13 numbers (un timed low cost calls) are a convenient option for your customers and can be leveraged by your marketing activity to increase inbound enquirers  and sales.